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Fare increase on 1st July 2018

The Maribyrnong River Cruise
If you wish to slow down fast, this is the cruise for you. Enjoy the riverside scenery and an interesting commentary on the other side of Melbourne.

Operates :- When Vessel is not on charter.
Ring or e-mail for availability.
Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday.
(except Good Friday and Christmas Day).

1pm for two hours cruise.

Fare: Adults $20.00 Children $5.00

On 1st July 2018, Fare: Adults $30.00 Children $10.00

Flemington Racecourse, Footscray Park, housing, Victoria University of Technology, rowing & canoe clubs, Melbourne's Living Museum of the West, sporting venues, art & craft centre, Essendon Golf Course, The Old Sandpits, Essendon Boulevard, wetlands.

Tentative enquires can be made via phone, via e-mail or in person at the office.

Booking can be made via post or in person at the office, with a ten dollar deposit. (Cash, Cheque or Money Order)

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No EFTPOS or Credit Card Facility

Maximum Passengers on Vessel : 30